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- VOIP phone service
- All you need is internet
- We provide the phone service
- UNLMITED local / long distance
- Keep your same phone number
- One phone or 50 phones!
- Starting at only 9.95/month
- NO contracts / No hassles!


We specialize in providing WIFI in your home or business.  Wall to Wall coverage.  Have multiple buildings on one site or even 10 miles away?  We can send your internet over the air to any remote building or location up to 10 miles away.  Save money with only . . .


In this day and time every business needs security cameras.  We can install 1 camera or 32 cameras or more.  We offer 4K quality with audio.  Money an issue?  Try our lease program and always stay up to date with the latest technologies


As a recognized Ubiquiti certified professional, we can build a new Ubiquiti network from the ground up or troubleshoot existing networks.  We can use Ubiquiti products to allow internet access at remote locations.  For example: Your house to the barn.

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Ubiquiti Access Points a game changer

We are trained and ready to install your new Ubiquiti Access Points in your business.  These devices are designed for business and offer full Gigabit throughput ensuring your internet is just as strong on the east side of the building as on the west.  Never deal with poor weak wifi in your building again.

Security Cameras made affordable

Not only can you see what is happening at your business but you can hear what they are saying.  Security cameras are a must have for any business that is concerned with the bottom line.  Our cameras are 4K quality and provide audio.  You can view them on your Iphone, Android, or computer.  You can play back recorded video on any device as well.  We offer a full service solution where we provide the cameras, training and installation.  We also offer a very LOW monthly lease option so you don't have to purchase them outright.  We make it easy and affordable for you to start monitoring your business today.

Business Class Phone Service

You worry about running your business and let us worry about your phone system.  The days of expensive equipment installed on your site are over.  We provide all the highly sought after calling features all successful businesses use.  Call waiting, Caller ID, Call Transfer, Online Call Detail Records, Music on Hold, and many more - All included at no extra charge.  We offer a full service solution in which we will provide the phones, installation and monthly phone service or you can opt to do all this yourself and just use us for the cloud pbx phone service.

Need internet at the barn?

Whether you need internet at the barn or you need internet at your gate - We have Ubiquiti devices to send the internet over the air with no signal loss to your remote location.  Whether you need


Listen to what some of our customers have said . . . 

Thad Shaw

Owner / Thad Shaw Insurance

We have used Andrew Byrd for our business phone system for 5 years and he is awesome. He always responds to our requests for new additions, add ons, and is just over all a great guy. We have no regrets using Andrew Byrd for our phone service.  Andrew can also administer or troubleshoot your network regardless of size.

Heather Tucker

Office Manager / Fortified Grading

We were lucky enough to find Andrew when we were ready to move into our new building. The system and service that he provided us exceeded our expectations. He is always available to answer questions or make changes when we need him. We highly recommend Andrew for any communication or security need!

Beth Lawson

Lawson Business Services

We called Andrew back in 2018 to install Directv in our waiting area in our office.  We were so impressed with his professionalism and fair prices,we called him back to install our phones and our security cameras.  No regrets.  He is always responsive and willing to what we need at a moments notice.

Annie Goodman

Residential Customer / Retired

I called Andrew's office to figure out why my wifi in my living room was never working.  Andrew showed up, did a great job and answers his phone.  Great job Andrew - I will be telling all my friends about you! I am now doing the happy dance.  I have wifi in my living room - never had it there before.

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